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November 12, 2020
14. Keeping Set Safety Top of Mind - Damian Payne, 1st Assistant Director
On today’s episode, we talk with DGA 1st Assistant Director Damian Payne about set safety — specifically the importance of safety meetings and how 1st ADs prepare and execute them on set. Damian shares insights on general safety principles that all crew members can foster and maintain and how to address safety issues starting early in pre-production. He points to invaluable safety resources, such as the Contract Services safety bulletins and the safety checklist from  “The Jefford’s Rules.” He also recalls the tragic fate of Sarah Jones from the Midnight Rider train incident, encouraging all crew members to take seriously our shared responsibility to do things the right way and keep each other safe. No matter what department you’re in, this episode highlights vital practices that will help us all keep safety at the top of our minds. 
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Show notes from this episode:
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