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October 1, 2020
13. How to Stay Organized During Production - Ian Campbell, 2nd Assistant Director
How can you stay organized during production? On set, you’re constantly faced with the challenge of how to simultaneously prepare for tomorrow, wrap out yesterday, and execute what’s being shot today. The 2nd Assistant Director is in the center of that storm, supervising all set paperwork, managing talent and background, and leading their team effectively. Today on the show we’re talking to DGA 2nd AD Ian Campbell, about how to keep all those plates spinning. Ian dives deep into best practices for set paperwork, communication with cast and crew, and what to look for when hiring your team. He also gives invaluable insight into how to join the DGA as an assistant director. There are tons of practical organizational and leadership principles in this conversation, no matter what department you work in. Not to mention, inspiring reflections on creative problem-solving and the unique sense of fulfillment you get when collaborating to make a film.
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Show notes from this episode:
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