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August 27, 2020
08. How to Crowdfund For Your Indie Film - Marty Lang, Producer/Director
How do you plan and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign? On today’s episode, our guest Marty Lang shares lessons from his own crowdfunding experiences and unpacks the oft-overlooked skills that filmmakers must develop to build a sustainable career (such as PR and marketing). He then explains how to find and grow an audience, defines essential do’s and don’ts of email and social media outreach, and outlines the team members you should recruit before launching your campaign. Marty goes on to discuss how to design your contribution incentives, make an impactful pitch video, and craft effective calls to action. We then explore best practices for maintaining engagement throughout your campaign and end with Marty’s advice to help you get the word out about the films you want to make. Most importantly, Marty guides you through the process of converting people’s interest into action.
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Show notes from this episode:
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