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September 25, 2020
12. The Power of Adapting - Rusty Smith, Producer Designer
A production designer heads one of the two largest departments on a production. How do they balance both the creative and managerial aspects of their job? Who are the key people they collaborate with and delegate to? How do they maximize production value even when working with a low budget? On this episode, our guest Rusty Smith draws from his experiences on hit movies like Elf, Meet the Parents, Austin Powers, and the acclaimed horror/thriller Get Out. He explains what to prioritize when location scouting, key traits to look for when hiring crew, and how to collaborate well with producers and directors. He also highlights the differences between the designer and the art director, shares best practices for managing his budget well, and tells story after story about adapting and rolling with the punches to make the best movie possible.
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Show notes from this episode:
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