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August 20, 2020
07. Supporting the Design Process - Sasha De Mello, Art Department Coordinator
What does an art department coordinator do? Drawing on her experiences from the frontlines of James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, our guest Sasha De Mello breaks down everything that goes into supporting the artists who design and execute the visual aesthetic of a film. Her tasks are similar to a production coordinator’s, she says — except instead of pushing around black and white documents all day, she gets to deal with the most stunning and immersive imagery. She deals with sets, costumes, props, hair and makeup, concept artists, graphic designers, and more, allocating labor, managing cost reporting, interfacing with production, establishing the pipeline with studios, and facilitating communication with VFX vendors. From development to post, the art department coordinator works directly with the production designer and art director in keeping the visual language of a film consistent and on brand. We end our conversation with Sasha’s insights on how to lead groups of artists through effective creative collaboration. 
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Show notes from this episode:
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